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  • How long does a dahlia bloom? Dahlias bloom from July until late autumn.
  • When should dahlia tubers go into the ground? About April-May, when there is no more frost.
  • How do I plant dahlia tubers? Place the tuber in a sufficient, but not too deep hole (about 3 cm below the surface) with the stem facing upwards.
  • What is the best place to plant dahlias? Just like tulips, dahlias like sun. Preferably plant in a sunny spot or in light shade.
  • Can I leave the dahlia tubers in the ground over winter? No, dahlias are not winter hardy. You can remove them from the ground, remove the soil and let them dry. Then store in a dry place, in a box with some newspapers, for example. A tip is to make a label on the tuber with the name of the dahlia.
  • Which dahlias are suitable for a pot? These are the smaller, lower growing dahlia varieties, for example Happy Days Lemon or American Pie.
  • What is tuber size I? It means that the tuber weighs more than 100 grams. For some smaller species, the weight is more than 80 grams.
  • Will the dahlia tubers bloom again next year? You can try leaving the dahlia tubers in the ground, although they cannot withstand heavy night frost.
  • How many flowers come from a tuber? Dozens of flowers can grow from one tuber. It is best to cut off the spent flower so that new flowers grow again.
  • Can you eat dahlias? Yes, the entire dahlia is edible, from tuber to flower.




  • When will the dahlia tubers be shipped? The tubers will be shipped from mid-March.
  • How long will it take before I receive my order? We will ship the first orders from mid-March. We will ship orders received from April onwards immediately. In the Netherlands via PostNL it takes approximately 2 working days. Within Europe approximately 7 working days.
  • When is the webshop open? The webshop is open from December till the end of May.
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